How Much Does It Cost to Install Solar Panels?

With the high demand for electricity to meet many household requirements, many homeowners are utilizing solar energy in many parts of the world. To invest in solar energy, you need to know the best solar panel designs to purchase and figure out how you are going to utilize the energy produced. How many solar panels are needed to run a house? Is a common question that you will come across in many energy forums.

It is not that easy to figure out the exact number of solar panels you need to meet your energy needs. But if you need to get enough amount of solar power, you will have to come with a rough estimate that will help you make a worthy investment. A typical home is estimated to cover about 1,500 square feet and such a home will cost close to $100 in electricity per month.

To come up with a reliable number of solar panels for your home, put the following into consideration:

  1. To ascertain the amount of energy your home needs. You can look at past energy bills.
  2. The available roof surface area where you will install your solar panel
  3. The amount of sunlight your solar panel will get and will depend on the location of your house.
  4. The efficiency of the photovoltaic (PV) panels you want to purchase and install in your home.

To come up with the right number of solar panels for your home, it is a great idea to consult a professional solar system installer near you. This is an individual who will easily give you are free and detailed home solar evaluation.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Solar Panels?

Once you seek help and figure out the number of solar panels you need for your home, it is time to calculate how much it will cost to install your panels. This is a remarkable investment you are making and you need to also keep aside a certain amount of money for the installation.

Before you purchase or install your solar panel, you need to figure out the types of the solar system you are going to buy. It is wise to learn how these panels can be installed if you are going to do-it-yourself. They are a number of things to consider as you calculate how much it will cost to install your panels. They include:

  • To install your panels safe and sound on your roof, ensure the solar panels are mounted on special racking.
  • You should connect your panels together with special wiring and be able to effectively amass all the energy being produced by the system.
  • Ensure your solar system is protected by special breakers available in the fuse box.

When you pay for installation, you are also paying for other equipment that is part of the solar panel system. The total installation estimate will include cost for wiring, installation labor, and amount used to buy inverter and other equipment. Thus, why, the cost of installing solar panels will vary from one state to another.

Depending on the type of solar panels you buy, this system will only account for approximately 15% of the total installation cost. At all times, it is wise to seek installation services from a solar installation expert. This is a qualified and licensed professional who will also be able to give you a quote that will include the total cost to install your solar panel in the most efficient manner.

Which Solar Panels are Best?

To pick the best solar panels, you need to do thorough research and seek professional guidance. On your search, pick the best brand and one that will meet all your needs. The type of solar panel you will pick will also vary depending on its efficiency, value for money, and its popularity.

You also need to keep in mind that specific models are more efficient than others. Besides picking the best solar panel brand, you also have to look at the solar system size, brand popularity in your area, and the cost of installing the solar system. You can also pick your solar panel depending on the material it is made from.

For instance, you can pick monocrystalline panels because they stand out above any other models due to their efficiency or polycrystalline due to their eco-friendly properties. You can also choose affordable thin-film designs, or amorphous design if your house is not that big. Before you purchase the available solar panels, feel free to seek the help of a professional near you and get the best models.

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