Finding The Best Type of Electrician For Your Next Job

Electricians are usually required for commercial, industrial and residential buildings to re-wire, install and fault find electrical circuits. There is a range of different industries that all require this work, and it can be dangerous – therefore it is generally best to engage a professional for any sort of electrical work.


To get the right man for the job it is best to understand which sort of electrician you will need to hire. 

Residential Electricians: As described by the title, this type of tradesman plans, installs and maintains electrical systems of domestic and residential properties. This may include installing GPO’s, lighting fixtures, fans, air conditioners, heating systems or even speaker systems.

Commercial/Industrial Electricians: Very similar to domestic and residential electricians, tradesman all work together to complete electrical work in factories, office blocks, aged care facilities and body corporate buildings.

Emergency Electricians: Generally most residential electricians will be available 24/7 as due to the time and urgency of the matter, they can charge extra for their trouble. This means that they are on call whenever there is an emergency; this might be for power outages in high-risk environments (such as hospitals and traffic lights on roadways) or just general power faults in the home.

Specialist Electricians: This type of tradesman might focus solely on one aspect of the electrical trade such as; solar, refrigeration, airconditioning or heating or data installation.

Construction Electricians: This type of electrical work on buildings that are being newly constructed. Their tasks can range from getting power to the other trades (plumbers, tilers, scaffolders etc.) so they can start work at the beginning of the construction, all the way to fitting off lights, GPOs, wall plugs and everything else for modern comforts. Commercial electricians may even work to build services stations, restaurants, retail outlets, shopping centres and grocery stores.

Most electricians will have the knowledge and understanding for each of these specialisations but it is best to hire a company to suit your needs as it keeps costs down and you can be assured a thorough job completed in good time.

The best place to find an electrical suited to your needs and requirements is to jump online. There are many companies that will be able to provide you with a free quote and a general time frame for the job. 

Cypress Electrical is one such company and specialises in both Residential and Commercial electrical work. Head to their website for a quote for your next job!

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